Stop Giving Away Your Website Data!

Are you aware that popular captcha services may be secretly monetizing your website's data? Services like reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha, and Cloudflare Turnstile aren't just about bot protection—they're massive ad networks in disguise. They covertly collect your website data, package it, and sell it off without your consent.

Google famously dropped its `don't be evil` motto because they actually are evil

The Problem with Existing Solutions

Traditional bot protection services demand that all your website traffic flows through their centralized bot detection platform. This means entrusting them with your entire site's data, ripe for exploitation. Even if they claim innocence, their closed-source technology and private databases conceal the truth, leaving you in the dark about what happens to your data.

Enter Prosopo's Procaptcha

Procaptcha from Prosopo revolutionizes bot detection. Instead of relying on a single entity, Procaptcha operates through a network of Captcha Providers, each financially motivated to offer reliable bot detection. These providers, registered in our transparent on-chain database, handle CAPTCHA challenges, ensuring your data stays decentralized. By distributing requests randomly across our network, Procaptcha prevents providers from accessing enough data to analyze or monetize your website.

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Moreover, we're transparent. Unlike our competitors, all our code is open source, allowing you to scrutinize the data we send.

Ensuring Data Integrity

We take data integrity seriously. Before serving any captcha, we verify its source against our public on-chain database, ensuring legitimacy. If the data aligns, the captcha appears in the browser; otherwise, it's rejected, and the provider's score drops—a powerful incentive for accuracy.

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Providers earn rewards for accuracy, receiving a share of fees from website operators. Conversely, inaccuracies lead to reduced rewards.

Joining the Revolution

Interested in becoming a Prosopo Captcha Provider? While we're currently in closed beta, you can register your interest in becoming a Prosopo Captcha Provider node by filling in this form.

Protect Your Website Today!

We're offering a limited-time giveaway for the first 1000 websites to sign up for our beta, providing a free 12-month subscription to our advanced plan, valued at $1068. Don't miss out—secure your website with Procaptcha now!

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