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Stop threats before they happen. Procaptcha offers robust bot protection without compromising user privacy. Lightweight, open source GDPR compliant bot protection. Switch from reCAPTCHA in minutes.

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Stop overpaying for reCAPTCHA and hCaptcha

Seamless Integration

Procaptcha is a drop in replacement for reCaptcha and hCaptcha, allowing you to be up and running in minutes.

Industry Leading Protection

Stop clicking on traffic lights for Google. We prioritise human verification for your app first, not user tracking or data labelling. Get the best bot protection on the market.

Private & GDPR Friendly

We don't store any data. Bot detectors receive minimal information from your application and there is no centralised user data store. Your Compliance Officer will love us.

Cheaper Protection

Google reCaptcha's recent price hike has made it more expensive than ever. hCaptcha has always been too expensive. Prosopo is the best value bot protection on the market.

Traffic based plans that match your growth

Free up to 100k verification requests per month.

Basic (Free)

Secure your website from bots and bad actors for free. Free forever.


  • Effective Bot Protection with Procaptcha
  • Up to 100k monthly requests
  • Decentralized privacy preserving platform
  • Frictionless, GDPR compliant CAPTCHA
  • Global coverage
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GDPR compliant bot protection. Up to 1,000,000 monthly Procaptcha requests.

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  • Everything in Basic
  • Enhanced protection from fraud and spam
  • Up to 1m monthly requests
  • Rapid Technical Support
  • Custom Themes and Styles
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Industry leading custom scalable solutions for all website protection needs.


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  • Custom CAPTCHA solutions
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Why use Prosopo Bot Protection?

Procaptcha blocks bots from your website without requiring you to funnel your user data through Google's servers

Seamless Integration
Effortlessly integrate Prosopo Bot Protection with popular CMS platforms like WordPress and Shopify. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to a hassle-free experience.
Free forever
Dive into Procaptcha with our free tier, offering access to unbeatable protection for free, up to 100k monthly requests.
Customizable Defense
Tailor your bot protection to suit your unique needs with Prosopo. Enjoy the freedom to customize settings and algorithms, ensuring optimal defense against all types of malicious bots.
Transparent Security
Gain full visibility into your website's security with Prosopo. Say goodbye to opaque practices and embrace transparency in bot protection.
Empower Decentralization
Join the movement towards a decentralized internet by utilizing Prosopo Bot Protection. Say no to centralized monopolies like Google and Cloudflare, and take back control of your website.
Community-Powered Defense
Contribute to a community-driven effort to decentralize bot protection. By joining our network, you're not just protecting your website—you're part of a movement towards a more accessible and private internet for all.
Unbeatable Value
With our lean and independent business model, we outshine the competition in efficiency and effectiveness. Look no further for the best bot protection deal around.
Frictionless Experience
Offer your users a hassle-free browsing experience with Prosopo. Say goodbye to cumbersome CAPTCHAs and hello to seamless interaction on your website.

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