Say goodbye to the frustrating experience of clicking on images of traffic lights or deciphering distorted text—Prosopo introduces the seamless and user-friendly invisible captcha. While competitors like hCaptcha and reCAPTCHA might require tedious interaction, Prosopo's Procaptcha effortlessly blends into your user authentication process.

Understanding Invisible Captcha

Invisible captcha redefines user verification by eliminating the need for manual interaction. Unlike traditional captchas that interrupt user flow with image puzzles, the invisible variant remains hidden, working discreetly in the background. Users simply proceed with their tasks without any disruption.

How Does It Work?

Behind the scenes, Prosopo's invisible captcha employs sophisticated algorithms to analyze user behavior and device attributes. By assessing these factors, it distinguishes between genuine users and bots. When legitimate users access your platform, the captcha seamlessly verifies their authenticity without any visible prompts.

Technical Details: Fingerprinting for Bot Detection

Prosopo's invisible captcha leverages advanced fingerprinting techniques to detect discrepancies between human users and bots. Here's how it works:

  • Mouse Movements: Prosopo analyzes mouse movements to differentiate between human and automated interactions. Genuine users exhibit natural, erratic mouse patterns, while bots tend to follow predefined paths with uniform precision.
Mouse movements


  • Browser Attributes: By examining browser attributes such as user agent strings, screen resolution, and installed plugins, Prosopo creates a unique digital fingerprint for each user. Discrepancies in these attributes help identify automated scripts masquerading as human users.
Browser attributes


  • Geo-Location: Prosopo considers the geographical location of users to detect anomalies. Sudden changes in location or improbable travel distances within short time frames raise red flags, indicating potential bot activity.


Privacy-Preserving Approach

It's crucial to note that Prosopo prioritizes user privacy. Unlike other captcha solutions that may transmit sensitive user data to external servers for analysis, Prosopo's bot detection occurs entirely within the user's browser. We never send raw user data to bot detectors. Instead, our system generates anonymized proofs of user authenticity, preserving privacy while effectively thwarting bot intrusion.

Can Artificial Intelligence (Bots) Circumvent Invisible Captcha?

While it's true that some advanced AI bots possess the capability to bypass security measures, Prosopo's comprehensive approach to bot detection significantly raises the bar for attackers. Should suspicious activity arise, our system dynamically adapts, presenting a more challenging image-based captcha. This multi-layered approach effectively safeguards against bot intrusion, ensuring the integrity of your platform.

Pricing: Affordable Protection

Why invest in costly bot protection when you can safeguard your platform with Procaptcha from Prosopo — for free? Our tiered pricing model offers flexibility and affordability, catering to businesses of all sizes. Begin with our complimentary service, which includes up to 100,000 verification requests per month. As your needs grow, seamlessly transition to our premium tiers, starting at just $9 per month for up to 1 million verifications. Compared to the competition, Prosopo offers unbeatable value, especially for high-volume verifications.

Invisible Captcha: The Future of Captcha Technology

Invisible captcha revolutionizes user authentication, enhancing security while preserving the user experience. With Prosopo's Procaptcha, bid farewell to intrusive puzzles and embrace seamless protection against bot threats. Join countless businesses worldwide in adopting the future of captcha technology—invisible, intelligent, and effortless and register today.

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