Prosopo is designing the future of bot protection. We are a small team with broad experience in tech startups and we are looking for a software developer with a penchant for DevOps to join us. You need ~5 years experience and will enhance our product infrastructure so that we can meet growing client demand.

Our Goal

Most bot detection services are centralised, opaque services that track user behaviour and monetise it. We are building a bot protection service run by its users for the benefit of its users - no user tracking. For example, IP blacklists are often used to block bots, but they exist in a static form and you can pay to have your IP removed. Our system is resistant to this kind of manipulation, providing a more transparent and secure service.

Purpose of the role


Currently, we are running a variety of services on Flux, and AWS, which are complete opposites in terms of their maturity and complexity. We need you to help us bring these services together and advise us on the best way to move forward, bearing in mind that our competitive advantage is in our decentralised approach.

Testing and Monitoring

We have some testing in place but we need to improve our CI/CD pipeline and make it more robust. You will be tasked with building out E2E testing and improving our current testing suite. You will also be responsible for the deployment of services and the monitoring of their performance.

Full Stack

You must have experience with GitHub actions, React, Typescript, Docker, and Rust is definitely a plus, but not essential.

Salary and Working Conditions

The salary is negotiable upon experience.

The role is fully remote although we need you to have the right to work in the UK and always be in time zones UTC-0 to UTC-2 for easier collaboration during the day. We work 4 days a week.

This is a great chance to bring your creativity to the early stages of a company, tackle interesting problems, travel to conferences, and work with a great team on open source software.

If this sounds of interest, or if you have any questions, please get in touch at [email protected] and we can arrange a chat. We look forward to hearing from you.

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